The business commenced manufacturing during the 1990’s with three distinct and unique products, and has since grown to produce over 100 signature products, a lot of which are unique only to Segreti.  At Segreti, we pride ourselves in producing to a high quality and consistent standard.  Our products are manufactured using either local Australian seasonal produce, or only the finest imported ingredients where necessary.  We are always developing new and exciting products with that “Point of Difference” which most good food businesses are wanting. 


Point of Difference

We are constantly exploring new food trends and materials to make our products unique and somewhat different from the standard.  We would rather be the market innovator than imitator in our sector.


Segreti also produces a range of exclusive products for use by major airlines, health food companies, food manufactures and hotel chains.  Upon request, we are happy to work with a customer to develop and manufacture new products to suit individual needs, as long as this meets our production policies and capacities.



Segreti has a substantial client base, supplying the majority of the high end food markets and delis, restaurants, cafes and caterers throughout Queensland, with a fast growing following and market throughout Australia.  We deliver our products locally on pre-determined days, as well as working closely with selected distributors in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern New South Wales, Sunshine Coast, Far North Queensland, as well as selected Inter-State locations.